Neff is a German company, producing quality recessed home appliances, Neff is part of the BSH domestic appliance group S.p.A, one of the most important in the household appliance sector. The most important appliances manufactured by Neff are: Ovens, hobs, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Oven Neff B17CR22N1

Built-in oven B17CR22N1 Neff Delivery: 2/3 weeks

787,00 €

Product details

Oven Neff B18P42N3

Built-in oven Neff B18P42N3 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

669,00 €

Product details

Oven Neff B47FS22N0

Built-in oven Neff B47FS22N0 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

1290,00 €

Product details

Oven Neff B14M42N5

Built-in oven Neff b14m42n5 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

519,00 €

Product details

Microwave Neff C17gr01n0

Built-in microwave Neff c17gr01n0 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

819,00 €

Product details

Induction Hob Neff t58ts11n0

Induction hob cm 80 Neff t58ts11n0 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

1149,00 €

Product details

Induction hob Neff T56bd50n0

Induction hob cm 60 T56BD50N0 Neff Delivery: 2/3 weeks

899,00 €

Product details

Hob Neff T36bb40n0

Induction Top 60 cm Neff Tt36bb40n0 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

637,00 €

Product details

Dishwasher Neff s715t80d0e

Built-in dishwasher Neff s715t80d0e Delivery: 2/3 weeks

919,00 €

Product details

Dishwasher Neff s515t80x0e

Built-in dishwasher Neff s515t80x0e Delivery: 2/3 weeks

817,00 €

Product details

Dishwasher Neff s513k60x0e

Built-in dishwasher Neff s513k60x0e Delivery: 2/3 weeks

589,00 €

Product details

Hob Neff T27ds79n0

Gas hob Neff T27ds79n0 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

487,00 €

Product details

Hob Neff T27cs59s0

Gas hob Neff T27cs59s0 Delivery: 2/3 weeks

659,00 €

Product details

Refrigerator Neff KI5862S30S

Refrigerator recessed Neff KI5862S30S Delivery : 2/3 weeks

789,00 €

Product details

Refrigerator Neff KI7862S30S

Refrigerator recessed Neff KI7862S30 Delivery : 2/3 weeks

919,00 €

Product details

Refrigerator Neff KI2822S30

Refrigerator recessed Neff KI2822S30 Delivery : 2/3 weeks

790,00 €

Product details


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