Furnishing . Inside this showcase a series of decorative pieces of furniture have been inserted, with a nice and functional design, from the table to the bookcase, furnishing accessories, useful items for small spaces.

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Lamp Pluto

Lamp Pluto Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

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Lamp Bourgie

Lamp Bourgie Kartell Delivery : 2-4 weeks

253,92 €

Lamp Little Flag

Lamp Flag Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

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Lamp Astra Arc

Lamp Astra Arc Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

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Lamp Bloom

Lamp Bloom Kartell Delivery : 2-4 weeks

227,70 €

Lamp Taj

Lamp Taj Kartell Delivery : 2-4 weeks

342,70 €

Lamp Cindy

Table lamp Cindy Kartell Delivery : 3-4 weeks

195,39 €

Lampada Gè

Lamp Gè Kartell Delivery : 3-4 weeks

193,20 €

Lamp Take

Lamp Take Kartell Delivery : 3-4 weeks

94,30 €

Lamp FL/Y

Lamp FL/Y Kartell Delivery : 4 weeks

213,90 €

Hanger Sipario

Hanger Sipario Cattelan Italia Delivery : 5 weeks

Call for price

Mirror Emerald

Mirror Emerald Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

Call for price

Small table Kito

Small table Kito Bontempi Delivery : 4 weeks

143,85 €

Lamp Cupolone

Suspension lamp Cupolone Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

Call for price

Table Cobra Inox

Table Stainless Cobra Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

Call for price

Table Hugo

Table Hugo Cattelan Italy Delivery : 5 weeks

Call for price

Stepladder Tiramisù

Stepladder Tiramisù Kartell Delivery : 2/3 weeks

246,10 €

Magazine Rack Front Page

Magazine Rack Front Page Kartell Delivery : 2/3 weeks

182,85 €

Clock Tic & Tac

Wall Clock Tic & Tac Kartell Delivery : 2/3 weeks

79,35 €

Vessel Shanghai

Vessel Shanghai Kartell Delivery : 3/4 weeks

141,45 €

The Modular

The Kartell Modular Delivery : 3/4 weeks

80,50 €

Table Diagonal

Table Diagonal Bontempi Home Delivery : 4 weeks

262,50 €

Table Pebble

Table Pebble Bonaldo Delivery : 4 weeks

349,00 €

Table Muffie

Table Muffie Bonaldo Delivery : 4 weeks

119,00 €
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